Mortgage Agency Service in Germany

Experience seamless real estate solutions with us! As a dedicated Real Estate Agent, we not only assist in finding your dream property but also simplify the process with tailored loan options. We navigate through the complexities of notary requirements and the typical German bureaucracy, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Trust us to be your guide in every step of your property journey, from search to ownership.

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Our Mortgage Agency Services

Discover expert-led real estate guidance tailored to your unique needs, encompassing everything from property discovery to post-purchase support.

Loans & Financing

Obtaining advantageous financial conditions and navigating you through the borrowing procedure to guarantee optimal interest rates and monthly income flow.

Real Estate Discovery

Leveraging our wide-ranging connections to uncover unique properties that align with your investment objectives and lifestyle choices.

Deal Coordination

Overseeing every element of the Real Estate deal, from the initial proposal to the final negotiations and the conclusive signing. We stay as your partner!

Support After Acquisition

Offering continuous assistance post-acquisition, encompassing estate administration, investment counsel, and tax filing aid.

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German Mortgage Agency Service for Expats and English-Speaking Clients

As German financial advisors, we are uniquely positioned to assist expats and English-speaking clients with their real estate needs in Germany. Our services are designed to make the complex German real estate market accessible and rewarding for our international clientele.

Our Real Estate Discovery service leverages German financial expertise to uncover properties that perfectly align with your investment and lifestyle goals. We understand the unique challenges faced by expats and English speakers, and we tailor our approach to meet these specific needs.

In Funding & Financial Arrangements, our seasoned advisors guide you through the intricacies of securing favorable loan terms. We ensure that you receive the best possible financial outcomes, fully compliant with German standards, enhancing your investment in the German market.

Deal Coordination is another critical area where we shine. Our deep understanding of the German real estate landscape enables us to oversee every aspect of your transaction. From the initial offer to the final signature, we ensure a smooth and efficient process, especially for expats and English-speaking clients seeking to navigate the German market with ease.

Our commitment extends beyond the purchase with Support After Acquisition. As your German financial guide, we offer comprehensive post-purchase services, including property management and investment advice. These services are specifically designed to meet the ongoing needs of expats and English speakers in the dynamic German financial environment.

We collaborate with a vast network of mortgage lenders to identify the most suitable loan options for you.

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How we work for you

Embark on a comprehensive journey with us, from identifying your financial goals to finalizing your loan, ensuring every step is tailored to your expatriate needs and circumstances.

Identifying Your Financial Goals
Initially, we focus on collecting comprehensive information to grasp your financial situation and aims. This step is crucial to tailor our services to suit your expatriate lifestyle and objectives.
Investigating Financial Alternatives
Our experts engage in in-depth analysis to uncover various lending possibilities, aiming to offer you the most effective and advantageous financial solutions tailored for expatriates.
Personalized Lending Plans
We from the Expance craft bespoke lending strategies, developing customized plans that reflect your specific financial circumstances, ensuring an efficient and smooth loan process for your best experience.
Completing the Lending Process
Our consultation team collaborates closely with you throughout the process of finalizing the loan. They provide guidance at each stage until the financing is secured, helping you to fulfill your financial goals.

We explain how we work

Personalized Property Discovery
Optimized Financial Solutions
Comprehensive Transaction
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Expance’s Mortgage Agency Services offers a comprehensive journey from discovering personalized properties to ensuring long-term investment success, with expert guidance in every aspect of financing, transaction management, and post-acquisition support.


Expance: Your Premier Mortgage Agency Service in Germany

Discover unparalleled expertise with Expance, your dedicated Real Estate Agent in Germany. Specializing in seamless real estate solutions, we offer tailored property discovery, expert financial advice, and comprehensive post-purchase support. Whether you’re an expat navigating the German market or seeking an English-speaking agent, Expance is your trusted partner in every step of your property journey. Experience hassle-free real estate transactions with our professional guidance, from initial search to final ownership. Choose Expance, where your dream property becomes a reality.

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