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With more than nine million customers, the Bank, formerly known as ING-DiBa, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, stands as the largest direct bank in Germany. Its core business areas include mortgage financing, savings products, consumer loans, checking accounts for private customers, and securities trading. Established in 1965 under the name “Bank f√ľr Sparanlagen und Verm√∂gensbildung Aktiengesellschaft,” the Bank was fully acquired by the ING Group from the Netherlands in 2003, after previously owning 49 percent of its shares. In 2004, the bank changed its name from “Allgemeine Deutsche Direktbank AG” to “ING-DiBa,” before simplifying its brand name to “ING” in November 2018 ‚Äď though the company’s legal name remains ING-DiBa.

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Loan amounts between ‚ā¨5,000 and ‚ā¨75,000 Free special repayments Free total repayment Big Player in Germany Fast processing
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Strict minimum requirements 100% digital contract conclusion Legitimacy by post office…
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The bank holds a significant presence in the German banking sector, boasting a customer base of over nine million individuals. As the largest direct bank in Germany, its comprehensive range of services includes mortgage financing, savings products, consumer loans, private checking accounts, and securities trading. Founded in 1965, the bank underwent full acquisition by the ING Group from the Netherlands in 2003, solidifying its position in the market. A subsequent rebranding in 2004 and further simplification in November 2018 reflect its evolution and adaptation to changing market dynamics. The bank’s success can be attributed to its customer-centric approach, innovative product offerings, and commitment to technological advancement. Its transition to a fully digital banking model has allowed it to streamline operations and offer competitive rates to its diverse customer base. Overall, the bank’s strong market presence, extensive product portfolio, and commitment to customer satisfaction position it as a leading force in the German banking landscape. Continued investment in technology and customer service will be essential to maintain its competitive edge and sustain growth in the future.

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