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As an online platform, it serves as a marketplace for private loans, aiming to broaden access to credit for various individuals, including freelancers, self-employed individuals, students, and those with diverse credit profiles. Through this platform, consumers can seamlessly apply for cash loans, instant loans, and installment loans digitally, with the option for personalized assistance throughout the loan term. Instead of receiving loans directly from a bank, borrowers secure funding from private and institutional investors. Acting as an intermediary, the platform, in collaboration with SWK Bank, facilitates the loan process. Consequently, borrowers repay the borrowed funds to the investors rather than a traditional banking institution. The platform sets the parameters for this process, including determining interest rates based on individual creditworthiness through the Auxmoney Score. Additionally, the company’s service fee, integrated into the loan costs, covers its intermediary services. While borrowers can make early repayments at no extra charge, complete repayment may incur a prepayment penalty.

What are your benefits?ūüôČ
Loan amounts between ‚ā¨1,000 and ‚ā¨50,000 Free special repayments Flexible installment break Low interest rates Flexible loan term Fast payouts Fast payouts Low minimum requirement
What are your disadvantages?ūüôä
Free total repayment 100% digital contract conclusion Legitimacy by post office…
Independent assessment of Expance?ūüźĶ

We would rate this concept with 5 out of 5 stars. As an innovative online marketplace for private loans, it provides barrier-free access to financing options for a wide range of individuals, including self-employed individuals, freelancers, students, and consumers with varying credit profiles. The ability to complete various types of loans digitally, coupled with personalized support throughout the entire term, offers a user-friendly and efficient experience. The concept of loans being provided by private and institutional investors allows for flexible and individually tailored lending. Through the intermediary role of the platform and collaboration with SWK Bank, a smooth process is ensured, providing security for both borrowers and investors. The transparency and fairness of the system, including creditworthiness-dependent interest rates and integrated brokerage fees, as well as the option for free special repayments, underscore the customer orientation and user-friendliness of the platform. Overall, the platform provides an outstanding solution for the needs of both borrowers and investors, deserving our highest rating.

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