Loan Brokerage Agreement and Preliminary Information (AVD)

Flaaq Holding GmbH, customer advisor Christoph Pfad Dammstr. 6g 30890 Barsinghausen (hereinafter referred to as “Broker”) enter into the following loan brokerage agreement:

1. Mandate

1.1. The broker is ready to prove or mediate a loan to the principal. The principal wishes to take out a general consumer loan (AVD).

1.2. The broker is not limited to selling specific products. He is not obliged to mediate certain products of a financing partner; he is also not obliged to mediate certain products in a specified quantity.

1.3. In his consulting activity, the broker considers the financing needs, the respective personal, familial, and economic circumstances, and the personal desires and needs of the principal, and together with the principal, selects the financial product that seems most suitable for him. In doing so, the broker has to consider customary market conditions or specific requirements of the individual financing paths.

1.4. The mediation includes, in particular, checking the financiability, developing a financing proposal, and the mediation. The broker’s services include, in particular, needs analysis, compilation and review of documents, product and provider selection, financing advice.

1.5. The broker is entitled to involve independent platforms, comparison portals, broker pools, and other service companies to fulfill the obligations and tasks assigned to him under this contract.

1.6. The broker will support the principal until the loan amount is disbursed and will handle the financing-related correspondence for the principal.

1.7. Whether the principal concludes a loan agreement related to a selected financial product lies solely within the decision-making authority of the principal.

1.8. If there are several principals, they declare to the broker that each person is entitled to receive documents, declarations, information, and consulting services on behalf of the other principal(s) and that these will also have effect against the further principal or principals.

2. Fee for Services/Costs

2.1. For proving or mediating a loan, the principal owes the broker no fee.

2.2. The broker receives from the envisaged loan provider a fee for service upon successful mediation. This means that with the payment of the loan installments and/or possibly accruing fees to the loan provider, the broker’s service is also settled. At the time of signing and handing over this document, the most suitable financing solution for the principal is not yet determined. The actual amount of the broker’s compensation will be communicated to the principal at a later time, in the ESIS leaflet that will be handed out to the principal at a later date. Based on the following information, however, the principal can already make an estimate of the order of magnitude in which the service fee will move.

Product Offer: Installment Credit (General Consumer Loan)

Fee Range: 0 – 4% (calculated in % of the gross loan amount) -> This pays the bank!

2.3. In connection with the present contract, no taxes or comparable costs arise for the principal. In case of questions in this regard, the principal will turn to the tax authority responsible for him or his tax advisor.

3. Reimbursement of Expenses

3.1. In addition to the service fee according to 2.2, the broker has no claim for reimbursement of possibly incurred expenses.

4. Rights and Duties of the Contracting Parties

4.1. The principal is allowed to use the services of other brokers.

4.2. The principal informs the broker immediately about all circumstances that affect the execution of the mediation activity. He is obliged to inform the broker according to the extent of the mediation order about all circumstances that are of importance for the needs analysis and the activity of the broker. He is obliged to make truthful and complete statements on the financing-relevant questions and to notify the broker immediately of contract and financing-relevant changes.

4.3. The broker is obliged to commercial diligence. He provides consulting services to the principal. The main business activity of the broker is the mediation of financial products and the related consultation.

4.4. With the present contract, the broker also fulfills his statutory duty according to Art. 246b § 2 Abs. 1 in conjunction with Art. 246b § 1 Abs. 1 as well as Art. 247 § 13 Abs. 2 EGBGB.

5. Dispute Resolution

5.1. The contact person for complaints of the principal is the broker. Contact details of the broker can be found on page 1 of the document.

5.2. The principal can also call the arbitration board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Postfach 11 12 32, 60047 Frankfurt am Main.

6. Information of the Broker

Supervisory authority
Deutschen Industrie- und Handelskammertag (DIHK) e.V.
Breite Straße 29
10178 Berlin

Registration No.: D-W-133-TNSL-07
Registration according to § 34 i Abs. 1 GewO

Registration according to § 34 c Abs. 1 GewO

Authorisation granted in:

Telefon: 0180 6 00 58 50, (20 Cent je Anruf aus dem deutschen Festnetz, maximal 60 Cent je Anruf aus dem Mobilfunknetz)

Our Entrylink:

Revocation Instruction

Right of Revocation

You can revoke your contract declaration within 14 days without giving reasons in the form of a clear statement. The period begins after receipt of this instruction on a durable medium, but not before the conclusion of the contract and also not before our fulfillment of the information obligations according to Article 246b § 2 paragraph 1 in conjunction with Article 246b § 1 paragraph 1 EGBGB. To meet the revocation deadline, it is sufficient to send the revocation in time if the declaration is made on a durable medium (e.g., letter, fax, email).

The revocation is to be addressed to the broker. Contact details of the broker can be found on page 1 of the document.

Consequences of Revocation

In the event of an effective revocation, the performances received on both sides must be returned. You are obliged to pay compensation for the service provided until the revocation if you were informed before submitting your contract declaration about this legal consequence and expressly agreed that we begin with the execution of the counter-performance before the end of the revocation period. If there is an obligation to pay compensation for value, this may mean that you have to fulfill the contractual payment obligations for the period until revocation. Your right of revocation expires prematurely if the contract is fully fulfilled by both sides at your express request before you have exercised your right of revocation.

Special Notes

If you revoke this contract, you are no longer bound by a contract related to this contract if the related contract involves a service provided by us or a third party based on an agreement between us and the third party.

End of the Revocation Instruction